About us

After years of market survey and research, ON LED Inc. was formed to cater to the LED dealers and distributors. We are proud to launch the first of its kind product in such pricing. The products will adhere to all the standards such as BIS, CE, RoHS, & ISO. Not only do these products save up to 90% on energy consumption, but they are also environmentally friendly and have a long lifespan which can last up to 50,000 burning hours. The LED lighting industry will supersede traditional lighting products in the very near future, and will be one of the most lucrative Industries in the world.


ON LED Inc. is a company dedicated to becoming the supplier of high quality energy efficient LED lighting at affordable prices, throughout India. ON LED Inc. will strive in setting high company and product standards that will satisfy the needs and wants of various consumers today, while implementing these energy efficient technologies.



Vision : To be the go-to brand for LED traders

Mission : To provide high quality LED products at affordable prices.